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Products & Services


Laser and plasma cutting

Our skilled team is capable of laser cutting different materials of varying thicknesses to meet your needs. We’re equipped with a 6’x12’ table of 6 kw power which allows us to cut up to 1 inch in steel. We also do plasma and fire cutting, increasing our cutting capacity to 5 inches.

Digital folding

We have acquired a new state-of-the-art digital folding machine with which we’re able to provide high quality processed products that are much more responsive to our customers’ demands. The capacity of our digital folding machine is of 275 tons, 12′.

CNC and conventional machining

Our experienced machinists transform a raw product into a finished part according to your requirements and needs, whether in series or individually. We’re equipped with a lathe (16’’ x 40’’) and a digital (20’’ x 40’’) milling, as well as lathes and conventional milling.

Manufacturing and repair of hydraulic cylinders

We’re equipped to repair a wide range of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders and have a large inventory of sealing products. We ensure the manufacture of cylinders according to customer demand. We also do honing.

Manufacturing and repair of heavy machinery and miscellaneous

Our team is always ready to take on the challenges of repairing or manufacturing simple or complex parts.


Hoses, fitting and Flextral hydraulic line

Cylinders of all kinds


Spherical bearings and brass bushings

Custom made pieces


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